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Annual dues for membership are as follows: Family membership is $60. Single membership is $40. Youth/Young Adult Membership is $20. Cubs and Peewees are free. (Members 17 years of age and over are considered adults.)


Upon receipt of payment and verification of membership, you will receive the door code to the club, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Please select your membership option(s) below, or download the mail-in application here.

Family Membership Annual Dues

Married or Single Adult(s) + Children


Adult Membership Annual Dues

One Adult


Youth/Young Adult Membership Annual Dues

Youth age 12 to 16


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Club Information


Dues: Dues are $40 for an individual or $60 for a family. Children 17 and older are adults. A family is defined as a married couple and their dependent children 17 years of age and younger. Youth 12-17 may join independently for $20. Youth 11 and younger pay no dues.


Indoor League Night:


  •  Adults (18 and older) $5/night
  •  Youth (12-14) and Young Adult (15-17)  $2/night
  •  Cubs (8-11) and Peewees (7 and younger) Free


     Or Pay in advance for the entire season (13 nights) and get a

    25% discount. (Adults $39, Youth and Young Adults $19.50)



League days are Thursdays at 6:30 P.M. We serve a potluck dinner at 6 P.M. Please take turns contributing to dinner. THERE ARE NO MAKEUPS.

The 3-D indoor will be set up when we leave Thursday evening and will be available until 4:30 PM on the following Thursday. You may shoot it as often as you like. We will count your best score.


Thursday Night League Shooting features the Spot Round. The purchased targets come in 12 different sizes. We print our own and have added a 1” target. Archers shoot 3 arrows each end, with scoring of 10-8-6. After each end, archers move to different targets, with the person with the high accumulated score moving to the smallest target and the person with the lowest score moving to the largest target. A spread sheet is posted on the wall to help archers determine target assignment after each end. We divide into 3 divisions according to archery equipment and skill:


Coyote - Pretty Good Shooters

Elk - Need Work

Antelope - Having Fun

Wolf - Kids


Target Assignments

Coyote - Shoot targets 1” through 10”

Elk - Shoot targets 3” through 14”

Antelope - Shoot targets 4” through 16”

Wolf - Shoot targets 4” through 16”



Each Thursday evening beginning first week after Rendezvous and ending last week before year end shoot. Members are asked to set out and pick up targets and take turns contributing to a potluck BBQ that is served after shooting.


Donations to help pay for heat and light are always welcome.


On Thursdays, we do a potluck dinner. We ask for a $3 donation that goes to the person who brings the main dish. Children under 8 years of age always eat for free.


Drinks are on the honor system. Prices are posted on the refrigerator. Help yourself and leave your money in the can. If you forget money, please leave an IOU note in the can. Beer will only be available during club activities.


The facilities, both indoor and outdoor are available to club members 24/7. We have the best indoor facility in Nevada. Please help care for our great club house. The building is kept clean by members. Please feel free to take the trash to the dumpster, sweep the floor, clean the kitchen or bathrooms, etc.

Always clean up your own mess – throw away empty cans or food containers. If you have food, wipe the tables and counters.

We also constantly need to paste targets on cardboard. Dennis or Lucy would be happy to show you how to do this task.

Please do not practice on the 3-D animals.

Before hunting season we will have broadhead practice targets available. Please do not shoot broadheads into any other club targets.

Please be sure building is locked when you leave.

Heaters: To turn heaters on and off, use the switches behind the tall wooden supply cabinet to the left of the bathroom hallway door. It is best to turn the thermostats down and let the heaters blow air until they are cool and shut down before you turn off the switches. Please be sure heat is off when you leave the building. Heat is expensive. Please use it sparingly or donate to the club for using the heat. Please be sure the bathroom hall door is shut and both bathroom doors are open. We have heat in the bathrooms to keep them from freezing.

Lights: Please be sure to turn off all lights when you leave the building. The switches for the overhead lights and the exterior light are to the left of the entrance door.  The switch to the target lights is on the vertical support next to the 5 yard line on the east side of the building. We occasionally blow the breaker when we use these lights and a refrigerator at the same time. The breaker box is in the northeast corner of the building. If you only use 1/2 of the target lights, you are much less likely to blow the breaker. The bathroom hall light is on the left before you enter the hall. The switch and plug-in for lights over the scoreboards and in the kids area is on the vertical support in that area.


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